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First, submit the complaint regarding the electricity supply to your service provider of the area. Your service provider will take action to resolve the issue.
The complaint should not be lodged with the Commission directly without presenting to the service provider.
(Information on the consumer centres)
It is useful to obtain a reference number for your complaint.

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Solution within 14 to 28 days
The service provider is committed to providing you with a solution within 14 days of the complaint.
However, if the service provider required to further investigate before a solution, a further 14-day period will be available for the investigation, and the service provider should make you (customer) aware of that within the first 14 days.
If the submitted complaint to the service provider is not resolved within the relevant time frame or if you are not satisfied with the solution given, your dispute can be submitted to the Commission.
Please submit a copy of your initial complaint to the service provider with the other relevant documents along with your submission of the dispute to the Commission.
Ways and means to submit a complaint to the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka
1. Through Dispute Resolution System (DRS)
2. by an Email
3. through a Fax
4. or Visit us (link to contact page- how to reach PUCSL, google map, bus route information)
Once the complaint is referred to the Commission, a reference number will be given by the Commission. If you have provided a mobile phone number with the complaint, you will receive a reference number via an SMS.

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The PUCSL study the complaint you have made and if the measures taken by the service provider to protect your rights are not justified, observations will be sought from the service provider.
The results of the observation will be communicated to you within ….days.

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Observations received from the service provider on the complaint will be notified to the consumer.

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The Commission informs the service provider on the irresponsibility of protecting the consumer rights in the event that your rights have been infringed, by the steps that have been taken by the service provider.
If those recommendations are accepted, those recommendations should be implemented within 07 days
Or else, if you have neglected your obligations, you will be asked to fulfil these obligations to obtain a quality service.

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If your problem is a dispute, such problems will be solved in order to dispute resolution procedure.