Specifically, under the SLEA, it is an offence to generate, transmit, distribute or supply electricity unless you are authorized to do so by a license, or are exempt from the requirement to obtain a license. Exemptions can apply to an individual or a class of persons.
Licensee Templates

The Licensing Application Regulations also include license templates, (which will set out the different sets of conditions that will be in used in the relevant licenses (that is, for generation, transmission, distribution and supply). These template licenses are available on our website. Under the SLEA, licenses will contain both general and special license conditions.

General conditions

These are conditions that all licences may contain. A generation, transmission or distribution licence may include conditions, for example, that require the licensee to pay us for granting the licence; prevent the licensee from engaging in anti-competitive behaviour; and compel the licensee to adhere to our decisions, orders, direction and determinations.

Special conditions

These are conditions that are specific to particular types of licences. Some examples of special conditions that are contained in different licences are as follows:


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