Energy Vehicles

Electric Vehicles have been a novel idea for decades and have recently been brought to life with decent applicability; that being not having to charge the vehicle every mile or so. Electric Vehicles are not your typical hybrid Vehicles that work on both a battery and a petrol engine, but have more in common with enormously oversized toy Vehicles as they run entirely off a rather large battery. So what is it about electric Vehicles that has been piquing the interest of many?

To begin with, let’s get the big point that’s been staring us in the face away; taxes. Yes, as strange as it is to hear, taxes for electric vehicles have actually decreased (by about 11%) this year alone. This reduction in duty has intrigued many to try out this novel vehicle for themselves, leading to a natural increase in its popularity. I’d like to believe it’s not just the taxes but also and undying need to realise many a child’s dream of wanting to fit into and drive their own toy car. It’s a similar concept anyway.

Say you’ve bought your very own shiny, new toy car, and are now starting to question the practicality of your decision. Is using an overly large toy car as your daily city transport even practical? Wouldn’t you have to charge the vehicle every hour or so because they are so inefficient? Wouldn’t it be useless to have a vehicle that can only be used in the city for a limited amount of time? I’d say these are very valid concerns if they weren’t all wrong. Except for maybe the last one. That would be pretty useless. Thankfully that is not true for an electric vehicle in the current age.