Electricity is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence of electric charge.
Sri Lankan Electricity Industry

Public Utilties Commission of Sri Lanka is the economic, technical and safety regulator of the electricity industry.The Commission regulates the industry through licenses, regulations,rules and methodologies.

Regulated Activities

The following activities of the electricity industry in Sri Lanka are regulated;

  • Generation of Electricity
  • Transmission of Electricity
  • Distribution of Electricity

Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s electricity transmission is in a monopolistic environment where the state utility Ceylon Electricity Board has been given the license for transmission on behalf of the electricity sector.

Giving an electricity supply to your premises from the electricity grid at a controlled voltage is the distribution of  electricity.

A  license should be obtained from the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka to distribute electricity.

Distribution licensees in Sri Lanka

  1. CEB Distribution Division, 1
  2. CEB Distribution Division, 2
  3. CEB Distribution Division, 3
  4. CEB Distribution Division, 4
  5. Lanka Electricity Company private limited