Public Consultation

Stakeholder consultation is a regulatory process that involves the stakeholders in providing their views and feedback on proposal  that affects them to consider in the decision-making which plays an important role in regulatory framework of PUCSL. 



Public Consultation and Stake Holder Engagement

Stakeholder concerns are very closely consulted at the process of developing regulatory tools. At the year of 2017 Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka has conducted six public consultations. The stakeholder engagement in this prospect is very high. The conducted consultations are

  • Public Consultation on Lon Term Generation Expansion Plan 2018-2037
  • Public Consultation on Electronic Vehicle Charging Stations an Consumer Rights
  • Public Consultation on Roof-Top solar PVs
  • Public Consultation on Activity Plan 2018 of PUCSL

Other than public consultations the Commission carried out following programs which were subjected to regulatory tool developments.

  • Consumer Rights Forum 2017
  • Energy Forum 2017