Electricity Safety is one of the main areas that the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka regulates. Regulation of electricity safety includes
Electricity Safety

Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka regulate the Economic, Technical and Safety  aspects of the Electricity Industry in Sri Lanka. PUCSL have been conducting various activities to mitigate electrocutions, electrical accidents and property damages due to electricity. in 2008 when the Commission initiated its regulatory activities, annul number of electrocutions reported  was as high as 180. This was far beyond the international electrical safety bench mark standards. Analyzing the nature of electrical accidents, mitigation activities conducted for past few years, PUCSL have been able reduce the number of electrocutions to 80 per annum.  

What we are doing to mitigate Electrical Accidents

To mitigate electrical accidents we have been carrying out following activities.

  • Awareness Public on Electrocution Mitigation
  • Introduction of Standards to ensure the safe electrical environment
  • Introduction of Electrician Licensing Scheme
  • Introduction safety and technical management plan to ensure the safety of employees at licensee premises
  • Introduction of Regulatory tools