• Trip Switch  
 Trip switch is one of the most important electrical safety equipment that can save your life at your home. Therefore, it is very important to have a trip switch at your home.

 The trip switch is automatically get activated and disconnect the electricity supply of the house as soon as it ditected a electricity leakage that can harm a person. The discconection of trip switch blocks the electrocution that can cause death  through electrocution.

 Check the trip switch of your home at least two times per month to ensure that it funtiones properly
(The  importance of the trip switch – watch video)5 things that you should know to select a trip switch for your home

• Earth Wire 
The earth wire of your home should be connected to the earth properly. Why ? There are many electricical equipments including the iron, electric kettle and etc that you use daily which has a metal cover. But these metal covers are attracting electricity and are open for electric leakages which causes accidents for those who uses it. Therefore , if your earth wire is correctly connected to the earth , the leakages will not cause any harm to you.

• Main Switch 
More offently you may have to replace your old bulbs to a newer once or you may do any new developments for the home. In both cases you will comein contact with the electricity. Therefore, it is important to switch off the main switch before you do any developments which connected to electricity.             (Video)


• Selecting A Professional Electrician Will Make Your Life Easier 

It is important to obtain the service of a professional electricitian when designing the electrical system for your house or in a development which involves electricity

( 5 things you should know when selecting an electricitian – Video)


 • Avoid Using Electrical Equipment With Damaged Wires 
Remove electrical appliances with damaged wires or cover the damaged wire with safety methodology which will cause non-leakages. Unsafe cords, will cause danger especially for your children.

(images of damaged equipment)


• Maintain Minimum Gap  Between  Power Lines and Buildings 
Regulation – Minimum vertical and horizontal spacing on the construction of power lines and buildingsSri Lanka introduced  new regulations  with regard to the minimum gap  that should have between  power lines and buildings to ensure the safety of consumers and the properties.
The regulation explains that  the construction of a new building required to obtain a safety clearance certificate from who owns or operates the overhead line (Ceylon Electricity Board or Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited) through a written notice, explaining the intention to construct the building, if it cause any part of an overhead line.
The safety clearance certificate will not be issued and the building or structure will not be able to been built if the distance from such building or structure is not in par with the spaces that has mentioned in the regulation to any part of the overhead line.

If you could not meet the relevant distance the provincial consil will not approve the building plan. Accordingly, the regulation will be strictly considered when granting the permits for development purposes. Therefore, the application for the development permit will require the information of the space clearance between the power lines and a new construction in the future.