About Us
"We, PUCSL strive to power the dreams of a thriving nation,with its people yearning to reach out across the horizons towards the vistas of a brighter future, to reach beyond the horizons with a commitment to a national cause of elevating and maintaining the electricity, water service and petroleum industries that the backbone of an efficient society,a breeding ground for success"

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) is the economic,technical and safety regulator of the electricity industry in Sri Lanka and the and the designated regulator for petroleum and water services industries. PUCSL also has been assigned as the shadow regulator for the lubricant market in Sri Lanka.  PUCSL was established by The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka Act No. 35 of 2002.

With the powers given by the Sri Lanka Electricity Act No. 20 of 2009, PUCSL commenced to regulate as the economic ,technical and safety  regulator of the electricity industry. 

The respective acts to regulate the water services and petroleum industries are yet to be passed by the Parliament. PUCSL has already taken steps to ensure its readiness to regulate petroleum and water services industries once PUCSL is given the powers through respective acts. 


How We Work

PUCSL functions as a independent regulatory body.

The objectives, powers and functions of PUCSL are clearly described in the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka Act, No. 35 of 2002 as, 

  • to promote the interests of all consumers 
  • to promote competition
  • to promote efficient in both the operations of and capital investment in,public utilities industries 
  • to promote an efficient allocation of resources in public utilities industries 
  • to promote safety and service quality in public utilities industries 
  • to benchmark,where feasible,the utilities services as against international standards ;and
  • to ensure that price controlled entities acting efficiently,do not find it unduly difficult in financing their public utilities industries. 

PUCSL maintain its fairness,impartiality and transparency in decision making through communicating and engaging all the stakeholders  in the process. 

Our Stakeholders

We work with all the stakeholders to maintain higher transparency in the decision making of PUCSL. We engage with public, government institutions, research institutions, local authorities, village communities and etc before arriving at decisions that impact the social and economics of people, within the legal framework determined by the Acts.


One of our main stakeholders and we engage with consumer through consumer organisations, forums such as our Consumer Rights Forum, the energy industry, environmental groups, and allow them to walk into us in the office hours for information


We engage with Licensees to provide a better quality service to the country and to improve efficiency levels to maximize performance

Policy Makers/ Organizations

We make recommendations to policy makers about the electricity industry in Sri Lanka and how to improve it to the next level and work hand in hand with the authorities for a quality electricity service in Sri Lanka.