Government policies are developed to ensure the sustainable growth of the Energy Sector and they are being modified according the challenges.
General Policy Guideline

General Policy Guidelines on respect to the electricity industry to be issued by the ministry of Power and Energy.

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Cabinet Decision on Energy Mix of Power Generation in Sri Lanka-24-04-2018

Future Energy Mix Goals of the government was issued with the cabinet decision as a result of a cabinet memorandum […]

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Sri Lanka Energy Sector Development Plan For A Knowledge-Based Economy 2015 – 2025

These policy documents present the Government policy guidelines on the fuel diversity & preferred fuel for electricity generation in Sri […]

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General Policy Guidelines on Electricity Industry

The National Energy Policy and Strategies of Sri Lanka, published in June 2008 in Gazette Extraordinary No. 1553/10 of 10th […]

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National Energy Policy and Strategies of Sri Lanka
2008- June

National Energy Policy & Strategies of Sri Lanka gazetted by the policy prepared by the National Energy Policy & Strategies of […]

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