The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (the Commission) is entrusted with ensuring that consumers receive fair and justifiable services through the Commission’s education and consumer dispute resolution procedure. As a part of these tasks, the Commission is responsible for responding to information requests by you, empower your knowledge on the regulatory process.
Electricity Consumer

Electricity Consumer is who currently consumes electricity or who is expected to get an electricity connection. Consumer Protection is one of the major responsibilities of Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka. As electricity consumers, your RIGHTS and OBLIGATIONS have been clearly defined by the Consumer Rights and Obligation Statement by the Commission.



  • If you have a complaint about your electricity supplier (CEB or LECO) on the service you obtain, you should first contact them
  • Your supplier’s phone number, address, e-mail address and the website will be on your Electricity bill. 
  • Explain them what the problem is and what you want your supplier to do about it.
  • Keep evidence of the complaint. If you complained over the telephone do not forget to note the complaint “Reference Number” given by the supplier.
  • It is your right to receive the solution within 14 days or a response within 14 days. 
  • meanwhile if you were asked to provide relevant documents of any other resources it is your responsibility to provide them on time or acknowledging them.

Ways of making a complaint to the service provider

  • Call your service provider 
  • Email your complaint
  • Fax Your Complaint

Find contact information

Bring the Complaint to PUCSL

If you are not happy with your supplier’s response or if the supplier did not respond to the complaint within 14 days or 28 days you can bring the complaint to us.