How to Setup a Solar Plant
Step by Step guide to "How to install a domestic solar plat at home"

Step Selecting a service provider

Among many numbers of service providers, you must select a company which is registered under Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA) of Sri Lanka.

Selecting a company which is not registered with SEA will create issues at the system is connected to the grid

List of  companies registered under Sustainable Energy Authority 

When you select solar panels, select a panel which belongs to Grade “A”


Step Selecting the Package

Net Metering

  • You will not be paid for the electricity you generate.
  • The capacity of the panels must be decided according to the monthly usage

For instance, if your monthly bill is around 200 KWh per month, installing a solar PV with a capacity of 2kW will be sufficient.  A system with a 2kW capacity costs around LKR 500,000.

If your monthly usage is less than 200 units, it will take a long time to recover your settlement.

If you happen to generate more than what you consumed, extra units will be banked for a period of 10 years in between you can consume at occasions where you consumed over what you generated.