Distance from Buildings Or Structures To Overhead Lines


Minimum distances from any building or structure to any position to which a conductor in an overhead line may swing under the influence of wind shall be as specified below


Nominal Voltages Vertical Distance Horizontal Distance
Not exceeding 1000 Volts 2.40 m 1.50 m
Exceeding 1000 Volts but not exceeding 11,000 Volts 2.70 m 1.50 m
Exceeding 11,000 Volts but not exceeding 33,000 Volts 3.00 m 2.00 m
Exceeding 33,000 Volts but not exceeding 132,000 Volts 4.10 m 4.10 m
Exceeding 132,000 Volts but not exceeding 220,000 Volts 5.18 m 5.18 m


The regulation also specifies the limits of the height above the ground that should have between an overhead line is over or along a road or over any other location accessible or inaccessible to vehicular traffic.