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Regulatory Tools

PUCSL use vary regulatory tools as , rules, methodologies, standards, guidelines and policy advises in order to implement the functions layed- out  in the Act. This section provides insights to all the regulatory tools that the PUCSL have produced to ensure economic, technical and safety of the electricity industry.

Ceylon Petroleum Corporation Act No. 28 of 1961

An act to provide establishment of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, to carry on business as an importer, exporter seller, suppler […]

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National Water Supply and Drainage Board (Amendment) Act, No. 13 of 1992

This act may be cited as the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (Amendment) Act, No.13 of 1992, and date […]

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National Water Supply and Drainage Board Law, No. 2 of 1974

A law to provide for the establishment of a public authority known as the national water supply and drainage board […]

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Cabinet Decision on Energy Mix of Power Generation in Sri Lanka-24-04-2018

Future Energy Mix Goals of the government was issued with the cabinet decision as a result of a cabinet memorandum […]

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Sri Lanka Energy Sector Development Plan For A Knowledge-Based Economy 2015 – 2025

These policy documents present the Government policy guidelines on the fuel diversity & preferred fuel for electricity generation in Sri […]

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General Policy Guidelines on Electricity Industry

The National Energy Policy and Strategies of Sri Lanka, published in June 2008 in Gazette Extraordinary No. 1553/10 of 10th […]

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National Energy Policy and Strategies of Sri Lanka
2008- June

National Energy Policy & Strategies of Sri Lanka gazetted by the policy prepared by the National Energy Policy & Strategies of […]

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Issuance of Certificate of Exemption for Domestic Solar Power Generation

Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka in exercising of its powers conferred by virtue of Section 10(3) of the Sri […]

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Imports License and Standardization and Quality Control Regulations 2017

Amendments made to  Special Import License Regulations published in the Gazette Extraordinary  No. 1813/14 of 05th June 2013 including the non […]

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Regulations on Electricity Safety, Quality & Continuity

Regulation for Protecting the public from dangers arising from the generation, transmission, distribution, supply or use of any electric line […]

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