Press Release – Electricity Tariff Revision 2024
Mon, 4 Mar 2024 |

  • Electricity Tariff will be reduced by 21.9 percent from midnight today
  • Electricity unit price of consumers in the category less than 30 units will be reduced by 33 percent
  • 28 percent decrease of an electricity bill for consumers in the category between 31 to 60 units
  • 30 percent electricity bill deduction for consumers in the category between 60 to 90 units
  • 24 percent bill reduction for the category between 90 to 180 units
  • 18 percent tariff reduction for consumers who uses more than 180 units
  • 33 percent tariff reduction for religious place
  • 18 percent tariff reduction for hotels and industrial sector
  • A 23 percent tariff decrease in the general-purpose category
  • 22 percent electricity tariff reduction in the public sector
  • 20 percent deduction for Street lamps

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) has approved the revision of electricity tariffs with effect from midnight today. The overall tariff reduction is 21.9 percent. The Final decision was reached after studying and reviewed the proposals and cost data submitted by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) in this tariff revision, in accordance with the provisions of Section 30 of the Sri Lanka Electricity Act No. 20 of 2009 and the provisions of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka.

The CEB had proposed to reduce tariffs by 3.4 percent last January and then by 16 percent in a revised proposal presented on February 22. The commission decided to reduce the electricity tariffs by 21.9 percent, considering suggestions made during the public consultation and reviews that carried out by the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka of the cost data submitted by the Ceylon Electricity Board.

According to this tariff revision which will be effective from midnight today, maximum relief has been provided to all consumer categories. Tariffs have been reduced by 33 percent for consumers who consume less than 30 units of electricity in the domestic sector.

The bills of electricity consumers with monthly consumption between 61 and 90 units will be reduced by 30 percent. Those who belong to the category between more than 90 units and less than 180 units will get a 24 percent reduction while 18 percent reduction is given for those who belong to the category of more than 180 units. The PUCSL has decided to reduce the tariffs by 33 percent for religious places.

The tariff for the general-purpose consumer category will be reduced by 23 percent and by 22 percent for government institutions. Also, the tariffs have been reduced by 18 percent for hotel and industry sectors and by 20 percent for street lamps.

According to the new tariff revision, the monthly fixed charge of consumers who use less than 30 units will be reduced from 180 to 150 rupees. The unit price they pay has been reduced from Rs 12 to Rs 8. The monthly charged of 360 rupees has been reduced to 300 rupees for the consumers who are between 31 and 60 units, and the unit price for that category has been reduced from 30 to 20 rupees.

The manner in which the monthly fee and unit fee have been reduced for domestic categories is given below.


Domestic Sector Customer Category Current Unit Price Approved New Unit Price Current Monthly Charge Approved New Monthly Charge


less than 30 units 12 8 180 150
between 31-60 units 30 20 360 300
Categories over 60 units  
First 60 units 38 25    
Units Above 60 and below 90 41 30 480 400
More than 90 units Less than 120 units 59 50 1,180 1,000
Above 120 units Below 180 units 59 50 1,770 1,500
More than 180 units 89 75 2,360 2,000


The condition has also imposed on CEB to pay the due payments and arrears of interest to owners of renewable power plants, including roof-mounted solar power plants, before the 31st of this month. The PUCSL has also imposed conditions on the CEB to prepare plans to achieve the target renewable electricity generation by 2030 and submit them before June 30.

Along with the implementation of this tariff revision, the PUCSL has also imposed 13 of other conditions to be implemented by the CEB.

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