Stakeholder Consultation on The Draft Long Term Generation Expansion Plan 2023-2042
Stakeholder Consultation on The Draft Long Term Generation Expansion Plan 2023-2042

(Public Notice under Section 17 of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka Act No. 35 of 2002) 

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (Commission) hereby notifies its decision to hold a Stakeholder Consultation on The draft Long Term Generation Expansion Plan 2023-2042 prepared and submitted by  Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) for the approval of the Commission under Section 43 of the Sri Lanka Electricity Act No. 20 of 2009 (as amended).

The plan has been compiled based on the results of the latest electricity expansion planning studies conducted by the CEB for the planning period of 2023-2042. This plan, gives a comprehensive view of the existing generating system, future electricity demand and future power generation options in the country. It provides detailed information on generation planning methodology, system demand forecast and investment and implementation plans for the proposed projects.

The objective of the plan is to recommend the adoption of the least cost plant sequence derived for the base case and also to emphasize the need to implement the plan to avoid energy shortfalls. Also, the Plan explores and evaluates possible options for expanding the electricity generation capacity in order to maintain an adequate amount of installed capacity throughout the planning period (next 20 years) to meet the reliability requirements (minimize power shortages) in the most economical manner.

The plan is intended to serve as a guideline to facilitate the decision makers in making informed decisions in line with national policy objectives, by exploring and evaluating various investment options in different scenarios.

The Commission intends to conduct the Stakeholder Consultation prescribed under the section 17 of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka Act No. 35 of 2002.

The Stakeholders and General Public are hereby invited to submit the written submissions if any with regard to the followings of the draft Long Term Generation Expansion Plan 2023-2042 and the Commission may consider such submissions or may request such parties, if necessary, to give oral submissions at the oral session of the Stakeholder Consultation.

  • Electricity demand forecast
  • Proposed candidate generation technologies, their costs and efficiency parameters
  • Reliability criteria used for the plan
  • Forecast of fuel prices
  • Discount rate
  • Modelling tools used to prepare the plan
  • Proposed (Base case) generation plan/ plant additions
  • Future fuel mix and diversification
  • Use of indigenous resources and renewable technologies
  • Environmental Impact of future generation mix

A session for oral submissions will be held under and by virtue of powers vested with the Commission under Section 17 of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka Act No 35 of 2002 and the interested parties will be given the opportunity (subjected to the availability of time) to present their views at the aforesaid session. Therefore, you may specify your interest in participating in the session along with the written submission. The Date, Time and Venue will be informed to the Public in due course by a similar notice.


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