Public Notice
Public Notice

Ministry of Energy

Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL), on behalf of the Ministry of Energy (Ministry), invites parties qualified to provide the undermentioned laboratory testing services to register with the Ministry.  

Laboratory testing services include testing lubricants and greases imported, blended, sold, supplied or distributed in Sri Lanka against:

  1. Sri Lanka Standards (the physico-chemical tests) published by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution given below:
    1. Gasoline Engine Oil – SLS 1374
    2. Diesel Engine Oil – SLS 1373
    3. Two Stroke Engine Oil – SLS 1446
    4. Four Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil – SLS 1409
    5. Automotive Gear Oil – SLS 1396
    6. Grease – SLS 1424
  2. Infrared (IR) Spectroscopy test (range: 50 – 4000 cm-1) as per ASTM E 1252 to compare with control product samples to check the conformity level of product categories given in No. 1 above.

Interested parties, who are capable of providing the specified laboratory testing services, should submit proposals along with specifications of the laboratory, details of apparatus and equipment, details of similar services previously or currently provided and relevant accreditations, to the PUCSL at the address given below by 3.00 pm on 27th November 2020.



Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka

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