Who We Are

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) is the regulator for the electricity sector in Sri Lanka.

Who We Are


PUCSL is an independent organization who believes in a high level of transparency and plays a pivotal role in the national economy through regulating economic, safety and technical aspects of the electricity sector in Sri Lanka.

Most importantly, PUCSL  ensures that the electricity sector in Sri Lanka has adequate investments, greater availability, efficient supply, and improved quality of services for electricity consumers.

Among the many services we provide our principle is to ensure safe, reliable and reasonably priced infrastructure services for existing as well as future consumers in the most equitable and sustainable manner. This includes;

  • Protect the interests of all consumers
  • Promote competition
  • Promote efficiency in both the operations of, and capital investment in, public utilities industries
  • Promote an efficient allocation of resources in public utilities industries
  • Promote safety and service quality in public utilities industries
  • Benchmark, where feasible, the utilities’ services as against international standards; and
  • Ensure that price controlled entities acting efficiently, do not find it unduly difficult in financing their public utilities industries