Awareness Program on Electrical Safety at Rathnawali BMV

As part of its public awareness campaigns in enhancing knowledge of electrical safety guidelines within the nation’s school system, the Commission recently conducted an electricity safety awareness program at Rathnawali BMV in Colombo on the 22nd February 2013 at the school premises. The Principal of Rathnawali BMV, Members of Staff and around 300 students attended the event.

The program mainly focused on educating school children on how to prevent electrical accidents in day-to-day life and on adopting necessary safety precautions to prevent accidents. Students were made aware of important facts regarding electrical safety through technical explanations combined with real time incidents.

Photos from awareness program

Final decision on renewable energy purchasing tariffs is due on 14th September

Press Release
Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka
Final decision on renewable energy purchasing tariffs is due on 14th September….
The Public Consultation on Non-Conventional Renewable Energy (NCRE) Purchasing Tariffs 2012-2013 was successfully competed on 28th August 2012 by the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka. The Ceylon Electricity Board as Transmission Licensee submitted the proposed tariffs reached according to the methodology approved by the Commission, for the approval of the Commission. These purchasing tariffs will be applicable for renewable energy projects less than 10 MW in capacity and commence the operations during year 2012-2013.
While, the associations of the developers who generate electricity using different renewable energy sources represent developers’ interest, the consumer consultative committee established under the provisions of Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka Act represented the interest of the consumer, in this public consultation. Small Hydro Power Developers Association, Wind Power Association of Sri Lanka, Bio-Energy Association of Sri Lanka was among the associations who represented the common interest of developers in respective renewable energy source.
The final decision on NCRE purchasing tariffs will be announced on 14th September by the commission upon giving due consideration to the comments, suggestions and facts presented by the stakeholder in written and oral forms. It is expected to publish a detail report including the commission position on the comments and proposals made at the consultation, on 28th September 2012.
The oral presentations held on 28th August were the last in the consultation process. The process started on 27th July with the public notices on requesting comments on the Consultation Document available in public domain. The closing date for the submission of written comments was on 17th August. There were 16 submissions as of the closing date. The public consultation on 28th was an opportunity for written submissions to express in oral and any other stakeholder to present their views.
The Government of Sri Lanka has set a policy target of reaching 10% of total generation in 2015 from renewable energy sources.

Safety Inspection of Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital

The PUCSL carried out a safety inspection of the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital on the 5-6th of August 2013.The hospital’s existing electrical installation and adherence to existing safety regulations and the availability of a back up electricity supply were inspected during the visit. Further, the PUCSL staff also identified possible electricity accident prone areas in the hospital and threats to patient safety due to faulty electricity conditions, such as the lack of a continuous electricity supply etc.

Photos from inspection

Establishment of Consumer Societies

By now 25 electricity consumer societies have been established. Addition of five more societies to this network will take place in Jaffna on 23rd August 2012. Once established the voice  of electricity consumers in North will be represented by these regional societies. Venue: District Secretariat, Jaffna