Medium Voltage Bulk Supply
End User Tariffs for Medium Voltage Bulk Supply

The following rates shall apply to supplies at each individual point of supply delivered and metered at 11,000 Volt nominal and above. These Charges are applicable for all categories; Industry (I-3), Hotel (H-3), Government (GV-3) and General Purpose (GP-3).


Other Decisions

  • In case of Low Voltage Retail supply, Monthly Fixed Charge for consumers with solar roof tops under Net-Metering and Net-Accounting schemes shall be charged the Monthly Fixed Charge applicable to their net imported electricity.
  • Industry, Hotel and General-Purpose category consumers who earn more than 60% of their revenue in foreign currency are required to pay their electricity bills in United States Dollars (USD) converted at the buying rate declared by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka for the date at which the bill is settled. The Consumers who fall under this scheme shall be given 1.5% discount on their bills. This scheme will be effective from 1st September 2022.
  • Hotel category consumers will be charged 50% of the tariff increase with effect from 10th August 2022, and the balance 50% will be effective from 10th November 2022.