Current Status of the Long Term Generation Plan 2015-2034
Wed, 13 Jun 2018 |

Transmission Licensee (Ceylon Electricity Board) submitted the Long Term Generation Expansion Plan (LTGEP) 2015-2034 for the approval of the Commission on 06th August 2015 in terms of section 43 of Sri Lanka Electricity Act.

Subsequently, the following actions were taken by the Commission during the approval process.
1. Public Consultation
As per 17(b) of PUCSL act No.35 of 2002 the Commission published the aforesaid plan in the PUCSL website and the interested parties were invited to send their written comments. Also, the interested parties were given the opportunity to verbally present their comments at the public consultation event held on 25th September 2015.
2. Clarifications
After reviewing the LTGEP and also on the basis of the public comments received in the public consultation, the Commission via its letter dated 02nd October 2015 requested clarifications from the Transmission Licensee, and the clarifications were submitted by Transmission Licensee on 30th October 2015.
3. Commission Decision

Having considered the submitted LTGEP 2015-2034 and subsequent clarifications made, the Commission observed that certain areas of the submitted LTGEP do not comply with the existing government policy framework. Hence, the Commission at its meeting held on 17th December 2015, expressed its inability to grant approval for the LTGEP 2015-2035.
The Commission, via their letter dated 18th December 2015 advised the Transmission Licensee to revise and resubmit the LTGEP 2015-2034, while giving special attention to the following.
i. Demand forecasting methodology
ii. Demand Side Management and related investment program
iii. Absorbing more electricity from readily available Renewable Energy sources
iv. A scenario on locally available or imported Natural Gas fired plants as an alternative to coal fired plants, considering environmental concerns and fuel diversity
v. Updating/ internalizing the environmental, health and other externalities in the plan with latest available figures
vi. Minimization of transmission system development cost
vii. Alternatives in the event of delay in Sampur Coal Plant

Current Status
There were several rounds of discussions with regard to LTGEP, chaired by the Deputy Minister of Power and Renewable Energy with participation of officials from Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), Sustainable Energy Authority, Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy and the Public Utilities Commission (PUCSL). During the discussions, issues on the LTGEP were discussed in detail and it was decided that the revised LTGEP shall be submitted by the CEB for approval of the Commission. The revised LTGEP is yet to be submitted by the CEB for approval of the Commission.