Download the Activity Plan 2019

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) launched the Activity Plan 2019 today with the purpose of uplifting the standards of the electricity sector and to create environment to regulate the water services and petroleum industries.

The objectives and functions stipulated in the Public Utilities Commission Act No 35 of 2002 and the Sri Lanka Electricity Act No. 20 of 2009 is the base framework for the planning. Vision, Mission, Goals and Outcomes of the organisation also guided the planning process and the activities based on the organisational result framework were reshaped through a public consultation held with all the stakeholders.

The activities for the year 2019 include activities for the electricity industry that are presented under four outcomes identified by the PUCSL to achieve long-term goals, preliminary activities for the water services and petroleum industries and lubricant market.
The strategies and activities were formulated with the analysis of the present status and causes/issues/barriers in achieving the set goals. Some activities span over more than one year, while some activities have to be repeated over several years.

The total budget for the Activity Plan 2019 is 324 million rupees. The budget includes 107 activities in achieving the outcomes, routine functions and activities of the Consumer Consultative Committee respectively.

The execution of the plan is carried out by nine functional divisions of PUCSL. The Activity Plan also comprises annual budget estimate, annual procurement plan, human resource development plan and internal audit plan.