New TOU Tariff for Domestic Users

The Commission has approved the TOU tariff with conditions as given below

The Public Utilities Commission has approved TOU tariff proposal submitted by CEB. This has been designed as an optional tariff for domestic users who consume a 3-phase, 30 A or above power supply.

This is to be implemented with immediate effect and any domestic consumer interested in this can request this from the service provider. (Ceylon Electricity Board-CEB, Lanka Electricity Company Private Ltd-LECO)

TOU tariff has been identified as it would be beneficial for the domestic users and also it aims to demote power usage during the peak time and promote power usage during the off peak time. This basically targets to encourage the use of electricity during off peak times for the purposes such as charging electric vehicles.

According to TOU tariff, there are three separate time blocks namely Off peak (2230-0530), Day (0530-1830) and Peak (1830-2230) which are separately metered and billed. During the off peak hours only Rs. 13 is charged per unit (kWh) which is a fair amount for the electric vehicle charging purposes. During the peak hours, the tariff per unit is Rs. 54 and during the day hours, Rs. 25 per unit is charged.

Time of use Energy charge (LKR/kWh) Fixed charge (LKR/month)
Off Peak (2230-0530 hrs) 13.00 540.00
Day (0530-1830 hrs) 25.00
Peak (1830-2230 hrs) 54.00