Access to Dispute Resolution System

Rules and Regulations

Rules / Regulations / Codes/ Methodologies/ Guidelines


Regulations for Electricity Applications for Licences, Extensions of Licences and Exemptions

Procedure related to submission of application for a license to generate, transmit or distribute electricity or exemption for generation or distribution.

Regulations for Consumer Consultative Committee

Consumer (Composition of the Consultative Committee) Regulations No. 1 of 2009; this includes the details about the composition of Consumer Consultative Committee

Regulations for Electricity (Electrical Inspectors’ Functions, Duties and Procedures)

Regulations on Electricity Safety, Quality & Continuity

Electricity (Transmission) Performance Standards Regulations

Electricity (Distribution) Performance Standards Regulations

Utility-Driven Demand Side Management (DSM) Regulations

Regulations for Electricity Meters(DRAFT).

Issuance of Certificate of Exemption for Domestic Solar Power Generation

Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka in exercising of its powers conferred by virtue of Section 10(3) of the Sri Lanka Electricity Act, No. 20 of 2009 as amended hereby issues Certificate of Exemption to Tariff consumers who participate in community based Roof Top Solar Electricity Generation of consumers to exempt from the requirement of obtaining a license for generating electricity.

Ragulations-Single Standards for Plugs and Sockets- 13A Square Pin Type (Type G)



Information required to ascertain insufficient means to defray in total at once the expenditure relating to connection and supply of electricity- Rules No. 04 of 2016.

Electricity (Procurement) Rules

Electricity (Procedure for Review and Adjustment of Tariffs) Rules

The Electricity (Dispute Resolution Procedure) Rules-NEW:

Rules on Dispute Resolution Procedure’ of the Extraordinary Gazette Notification of No. 1951/1, JANUARY 25, 2016
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The electricity (Dispute Resolution Procedure) rules-OLD:


Metering Code for Exempted Parties

Energy Estimation Code for Exempted Parties

Rules on Procedure for Review Adjustment of Tariffs (DRAFT)

Procedure for Tariffs Review and Adjustment that establishes the principle and relevant aspects, calendar of events, licensees and regulator’s role in process.


Methodology for Tariffs for Persons Exempted from the Requirement to Obtain a License to Distribute and Supply Electricity

Tariff Methodology for Transmission Customers

Methodology for Merit Order Dispatch

Methodology for Estimation of Energy Supplied

This methodology defines the method and procedure to be followed when estimating the consumption of energy under specified events.

Tariff Methodology

This is the set of working method in deciding the Bulk Supply Tariffs (component of the tariff relating to the use of the Transmission System and component of the tariff related to electricity generation), the Distribution Tariff, (component of the tariff relating to the use of the Distribution System), The Retail Supply Tariffs (component of the tariff relating to supply of electricity to end user)