Information Centre

Welcome to the information center, home of Corporate Communication Team of the Commission. Here you can find major decisions of the Commission, press releases, fact sheets, reports, photos and videos of the events and all other public documents.

Legislation and Policies

PUCSL Act, Electricity Act, rules and regulations made under respective acts and respective government policies.

Procedures, Methodologies and application forms

Tariffs, Connection & other services, Renewable energy & feed in tariffs, other guidelines & license applications.

Decisions & Orders

Decision Documents and Orders related to industries under purview of PUCSL.

Application Forms

Procedures & forms for applying licenses/exemptions

News and Notices

Press Releases, Statements, Speeches, Announcement statutory notices.


Annual, Performence, Consultation, Research, Informational, Compliance & Proposal.

Events/Photo Gallery/Media

Details of events, photos, News in Video Audio and in print media.

Tariff Charges

Electricity Tariffs and allowed charges, Customer Categories, Feed in tariffs.

Press Contact

Please contact Corporate Communication Unit, who will be happy to help you for any further clarifications: