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Electrical Inspectors

When it comes to electrical plants and equipment, ensuring that standards are met is of critical importance and can even be the difference between life and death. This section of our website explains PUCSL’s authority in appointing electrical inspectors, their duties, and the regulations made with regard to Electrical Inspectors.

Power to Appoint Inspectors

It is important that anyone who generates, transmits, distributes or supplies electricity, does so with equipment that meets the required health and safety standards. As such, section 6 of the SLEA gives the PUCSL the power and authority to appoint Electrical Inspectors for this purpose.

Duties of inspectors

Electrical Inspectors have various statutory duties which include:

  • Inspect and test electric lines and electrical plants belonging to persons authorised by a license, or exempted from the requirement of obtaining a license
  • Examine, the generation, transmission, distribution or supply of electricity by authorised persons
  • Inspect and test, if and when required by any consumer, any such lines and plants on the consumer’s premises, for the purpose of ascertaining whether any requirement imposed by the SLEA in respect of those lines or plant or the supply of electricity through or by them, has been complied with
  • Carry out such other functions as may be imposed on him or her by regulations or by the PUCSL

Testing every connection made to the electricity system would be extremely impractical and costly. Instead, Electrical Inspectors are used to help resolve disputes regarding matters such as refusals by licensees to allow connections to their system or the costs of making such connections, the quality and safety of electricity supplies provided and over the reliability and accuracy of metres. Inspectors also undertake spot checks on the compliance of electricity lines and plants with the SLEA, regulations and standards covering health, safety and technical performance.

Any stakeholder can also make a request for inspectors to check the compliance of an item of electrical plant or equipment with these regulations and guidelines. Such requests will be responded to within reasonable limits as regards time and expenses.


Under the SLEA, regulations may be made in respect of various matters concerning Electrical Inspectors.

The regulations cover matters such as:

  • When and how Inspectors will undertake their work
  • The ability of Inspectors to obtain information and records from licensees and exempted persons who generate, transmit, distribute or supply electricity; and the powers of Inspectors to obtain access to premises and to use electrical plant and other facilities in the performance of their duties;
  • The fees which are payable to the Inspectors and who is entitled to pay those fees. At present, where Inspectors are used as part of the dispute resolution process, then their costs are recovered similar to our other costs. Where a person requests that they inspect an item of plant or equipment for compliance then the costs are borne by the person making the request. In other cases, the costs of inspectors are recovered through our general budget
  • The procedure for the audit of the activities of Electrical Inspectors in order to test for competence and the proper performance of their duties
  • The procedure for the resolution of disputes between an Electrical Inspector and a consumer or a licensee. In general, this will involve an internal review by another inspector followed by, a binding decision by a suitably qualified external contractor acceptable to both parties. In these cases, the costs of this contractor will be borne by the party which the arbitrator files against.

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