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Electricity Consumer

All the rates (tariff and charges) that are charged from the consumers, by the electricity utilities, in the country are regulated by PUCSL.  PUCSL ensures that only efficient and prudent (reasonable) costs of electricity supply are charged from the consumers. In order to facilitate this, PUCSL has issued a Tariff Methodology (Hyperlink to Tariff Methodology), setting out a process to review and to set tariffs; reflecting the cost of electricity supply over a five (5) year period.

In line with this methodology, changes in the electricity generations costs, which are forecasted every six months would be reflected in customer tariffs. PUCSL has made this process transparent through public consultations held from time to time.

Please refer to the Decision Document 2015 for types of consumer categories.

In addition to electricity tariffs charged from electricity consumers all other charges charged by the electricity utilities; including charges for new connections, testing of meters, etc are also regulated by the PUCSL.


Tariff for customers of small distributors

PUCSL has also issued the guideline to the electricity distributors who resell electricity in condominiums and similar establishments. These tariffs are also approved by the Commission on case by case basis.

For tariffs archives and further information please go to Tariff & Charges – Information Center