Access to Dispute Resolution System

Dispute Resolution

Rules on the Dispute Resolution Procedure

If we feel that you have a dispute with your service provider, upon agreement from all the parties, we will take necessary steps to refer your dispute to the Mediation Panel appointed by the Commission under ‘Rules on Dispute Resolution Procedure’ of the Extraordinary Gazette Notification of No. 1951/1 – MONDAY JANUARY 25, 2016 Click To Download

What are the ‘Rules on Dispute Resolution Procedure’?

Rules on Dispute Resolution Procedure is a set of written and gazetted rules which describe the procedure adopted by the Commission in resolving your dispute with regard to the electricity supply.

The procedure can be explained as follows:

  • If the Commission decides to resolve your dispute, upon agreement from all the parties to the dispute, a Panel of Mediators will be appointed
  • The panel will call for disputed parties for a mediation conference to hold inquiries, call information or documents
  • The panel then reviews the dispute and arrives at a determination
  • The determination of the panel will be documented and the seal of the Commission will be placed on the document
  • Before issuing the panel’s determination on your dispute, it shall endeavor to make every effort for the parties to the
    dispute to reach an amicable settlement
  • If parties to the dispute agree to a settlement, it will be documented and be signed by the members of the panel and all the parties to the dispute
  • If parties to the dispute do not agree to a settlement, the panel shall, in the presence of disputed parties, open the sealed determination and submit the same to the parties as the resolution reached by the Commission
  • If parties to the dispute do not wish to accept the resolution made by the panel, the Commission has the authority to decide the dispute to be determined either by an appropriate court or to arbitration as the case may be, in terms of subsection (2) of Section 39 of the Sri Lanka Electricity Act. No. 20 of 2009
  • When the dispute is resolved through mediation process under these rules, the expenses of the Commission shall be determined by the Commission and the amount to be paid by the parties to the dispute in equal proportion.