Consumer Rights

Rights and Obligations of an Electricity Consumer

Section 3 (1) (e) of Sri Lanka Electricity Act 2009 requires the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (Commission) to publish a statement outlining the Consumer rights and obligations.

Main objectives of publishing this statement are to create an awareness among the consumers of their rights which is vital for consumer protection, make them aware of the levels of the quality of service Licensee is expected to provide and also to educate the consumers of their obligations, fulfilment of which will be an essential requirement for the provision of an efficient electricity service.

The following rights and obligations have been explained in the Statement of Rights & Obligations.

Consumer Rights:Download Rights and Obligation Code

  • Access reliable and safe electric power to commensurate with the quality standards licensee has agreed to provide
  • Access to information on matters related to electricity supply service
  • New service connections, change of service capacity/tariff category
  • Disconnection and termination of agreement
  • Reconnections
  • Complaint handling
  • Meters, meter reading and billing procedures
  • Electricity bills
  • Service charges, price structure, and bill payment
  • Entry into the consumers’ premises
  • Consumer education
  • Equality of treatment
  • Privacy and confidentiality

Consumer Obligations:

  • Legitimate Bill payments
  • Cooperate with the licensee & its authorized officers
  • Adhere to the terms & conditions of the Tariff Agreement entered into with the licensee
  • Ensure the security of electricity lines installed in the premises
  • Disclose all relevant information to the Licensee when applying for a new connection