Functions and Objectives

Functions of the Commission

  • Exercise, perform and discharge the powers, functions and duties assigned to the Commission by the commission Act and any industry Act
  • Consult, to the extent the Commission considers appropriate, any person or group who or which may be affected, or likely to be affected by the decisions of the Commission
  • Advise the Government as commission deems appropriate on all matters concerning any industry falling within the purview of the Commission
  • Collect record and disseminate, information concerning any public utilities industries.
  • Exercise licensing, regulatory and inspection functions in respect of all matters provided for in any industry Act.
  • Enforce the provisions of licenses, contracts and other instruments issued under the authority of any industry Act
  • Regulate tariffs and other charges levied by regulated entities where required
  • Determine by mediation disputes arising in any public utilities industry
  • Set and enforce technical and other standards relating to the safety, quality, continuity and reliability of the public utilities industries.
  • Undertake such other incidental or ancillary activities for the effective discharge of any of its functions


The above functions are carried out by the Commission to meet its objectives set out in PUCSL Act. These objectives are identified below.

  • Protect the interests of all consumers
  • Promote competition
  • Promote efficiency in both the operations of, and capital investment in, public utilities industries
  • Promote an efficient allocation of resources in public utilities industries
  • Promote safety and service quality in public utilities industries
  • Benchmark, where feasible, the utilities’ services as against international standards; and
  • Ensure that price controlled entities acting efficiently do not find it unduly difficult in financing their public utilities industries