Access to Dispute Resolution System

Core Values


We will make decisions in a manner that conforms to generally accepted good practices taking in to account our objectives, duties and functions.


We will treat all views, comments and complaints received and all issues relevant to us in an unbiased manner, taking in to account all our legal obligations.


Our decisions will be free from undue influence.


We recognize that delays cost money and cause frustration. We will endeavour to respond to any issues that may come up as quickly as possible.


We will generally publish all evidence, decisions and related documents, unless prevented by confidential or legal constraints. We will inform all stakeholders of the procedures and issues that we are considering. We also publish, annually, a report detailing our activities and their costs.


We will weigh each argument based on its merits, evidence and guidance provided by policy, law and judicial rulings.


We will develop decisions that are in keeping with our legal obligations under relevant legislation and we will try, where we believe it is helpful, to follow the same approach used in earlier “similar fact” decisions.