About us

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (the Commission) plays a pivotal role in the national economy as the watchdog for the economic, safety and technical regulator of the Electricity industry in Sri Lanka while the Water and Petroleum industries will soon be under our purview. Currently the Commission also acts as the shadow regulator for the lubricant sub sector.

Among the many important services we provide, the Commission ensures that the electricity sector in Sri Lanka has adequate investments, greater availability, efficient supply, and improved quality of services for electricity consumers. The Commission also regulates the generation, transmission, distribution, supply and use of Electricity

How is the PUCSL governed?

Established by The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka Act No. 35 of 2002 by the Parliament of Sri Lanka, the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) performs a vital role as a multi-sector supervisory body regulating certain physical infrastructure industries in the country. The PUCSL came into operation in 2003 when the first group of Commissioners and its Director General were appointed.

The 5 member Commission is appointed by the Minister in charge of Policy Development in agreement with the Constitutional Council. The members have 5 year tenures and the Commission should consist of at least one member each from the professions of engineering, law and business management.

Regulatory Manual

The Regulatory Manual is a guide for stakeholders representing the code of practice that governs the functions of the Commission.