Presentations- Public Consultation on Roof-top Solar PVs

Mr. Roshane Perera Solar Industries Association SL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING AND GREEN TECHNOLOGIES Fronius International Regen Renewables (Pvt.) Ltd WLDM Chathurangi Ceylon Electricity Board Ms. Wathsala Herath Ministry of Power & Renewable Energy

Presentations- EV Public Consultations

Download all the Written Submissions View Comments received over the Website Presenter Company Mr. Mahisanka Abewickrama Co-Founder, Interim Committee Member, Electrical Vehicle Club, Sri Lanka Download the Presentation Mr. Pradeep Wijerathne,   Deputy General Manager, Nissan, Associate Motor Ways (Pvt) … Continue reading

Cost (OPEX) benchmarking (Relative) of DLs

Electricity sector regulators are practicing bench marking of electricity distribution companies to regulate allowed revenue to each company. Mainly this is done by using the relative efficiency scores produced by frontier bench-marking techniques. This report focuses on prominent bench-marking techniques … Continue reading

Newsletter January-2016 is out

The Newsletter of January 2016 edition of the Public utilities Commission of Sri Lanka is Out. Find the news letter Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka Newsletter-January-2016

Generation Report_31-12-2015

Generation Report-31-12-2015 Generation Report-30-12-2015 Generation Report-28-12-2015 Generation Report-27-12-2015 Generation Report-22-12-2015 Generation Report-21-12-2015 Generation Report-20-12-2015 Generation Report-17-12-2015 Generation Report-16-12-2015 Generation Report-15-12-2015 Generation Report-14-12-2015 Generation Report-13-12-2015 Generation Report-10-12-2015 Generation Report-09-12-2015 Generation Report-07-12-2015 Generation Report-03-12-2015 Generation Report-06-12-2015

Generation Report-29-November 2015

Generation Report-29-November 2015 Generation Report-26-November 2015 Generation Report-23-November 2015 Generation Report-19-November 2015 Generation Report-18-November 2015 Generation Report-17-November 2015 Generation Report-16-November 2015 Generation Report-15-November 2015 Generation Report-12-November 2015 Generation Report-11-November 2015 Generation Report-10-November 2015 Generation Report-8-November 2015 Generation Report-5-November 2015 Generation … Continue reading

Generation Report Summary-October 2015

Generation Report-Summery- October 2015 Generation Report-29th October 2015 Generation Report-27th October 2015 Generation Report-25th October 2015 Generation Report-21th October 2015 Generation Report-18th October 2015 Generation Report-15th October 2015 Generation Report-13th October 2015 Generation Report-12th October 2015 Generation Report-6th October 2015 … Continue reading

Generation Report-November

Generation Report-November Generation Report-September Generation Report-1st October 2015

New TOU Tariff for Domestic Users

The Commission has approved the TOU tariff with conditions as given below The Public Utilities Commission has approved TOU tariff proposal submitted by CEB. This has been designed as an optional tariff for domestic users who consume a 3-phase, 30 … Continue reading

Generation Report for 16.09.2015

Generation Report-16th September 2015 Generation Report-15th September 2015 Generation Report-13th September 2015 Generation Report-10th September 2015 Generation Report-9th September 2015 Generation Report-8th September 2015 Generation Report-6th September 2015 Generation Report-3rd September 2015 Generation Report-1st September 2015 Generation Report-2nd September 2015

Generation Report for 31.08.2015

Generation Report-31th August 2015 Generation Report-30th August 2015 Generation Report-26th August 2015 Generation Report-23th August 2015 Generation Report-20th August 2015 Generation Report-18th August 2015 Generation Report-17th August 2015 Generation Report-13th August 2015 Generation Report-12th August 2015 Generation Report-11th August 2015 … Continue reading

Generation, Transmission & Distribution Performence

Monthly Generation Report-July 2015 Generation Report for June 2015 Generation Report for May 2015 Generation Report-2014 Generation Performance Report – 2013 Generation Performance Report – 2012 Generation Performance Report – 2011 Distribution Performance-Jan-June 2014 Distribution Performance-2013 Distribution Performance-2012 Transmission Performance … Continue reading

Rights and Obligations of Electricity Consumers

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka has published the statement on the Rights and Obligations of Electricity Consumers which would be effective from January 1, 2015. The main objectives of this statement are to create awareness among electricity consumers … Continue reading

Methodology for Estimation of Energy Supplied

Click the link below to access the report: Methodology for Estimation of Energy Supplied (English) Methodology for Estimation of Energy Supplied (Sinhala) Methodology for Estimation of Energy Supplied (Tamil)